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Activities 2014

“Know your Marine Reserve 2014”

These activities were carried out thanks to a contribution from NOAA and organized by Astrid Green, Gloria Ortiz and Hiram Cruz, DRNA, allowed us through workshops to present this new Urban Marine Reserve, its purpose and importance.

First “Paddle Board” competition in the Marine Reserve organized by the Puerto Rico Surfing Federation.

We thank the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Autonomous Municipality of Carolina, the House of Representatives, the Puerto Rico Surfing Federation, and the Environmental Quality Board for the sponsorship and help provided for these activities.


With the Autonomous Municipality of Carolina through the Tourism Development Office directed by Mirgrelis Ramos, talks and workshops were organized so that Carolinians from an early age learn about and feel proud of having a Marine Reserve on their beaches. Our thanks to Edgardo Rodríguez and Maria Elisa Candal from the Service Center of the Municipality of Carolina.


Third Meeting of Turtle Groups of Puerto Rico

We participated in the Third Meeting of Turtle Groups of Puerto Rico held in Vieques and in which we presented the situation regarding light pollution in Isla Verde and the negative effect on turtle nesting. We also displayed the environmental cartoon – “Tina Tinglar and Light Pollution” for the groups to review, make suggestions and endorse for everyone to use in the Sea Turtle education effort.