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Information Kiosk

The Information Kiosk is built with funds assigned by the House of Representatives to the DRNA for the Isla Verde Reef Marine Reserve. We thank Robert Matos, DRNA for the coordination and supervision of the construction.

The place at the end of Dalia street was considered for being right in front of the Arrecife and being an ideal strategic crossroads for visitors. The construction of this kiosk has been crucial in publicizing the existence and purpose of the marine reserve. We will be organizing a volunteer program to serve visitors.

The biologist Alfredo Montañez, our ally since we started this conservation effort, addresses the friends who accompanied us at the inauguration. We thank Astrid Green, DRNA for her constant support.


Hurricane Maria has arrived


Thanks to Rafa, Annie, Annette and Ricardo, the Kiosk was anchored and endured.

It received a great song in the March tidal waves and we reinforced it thanks to the friends who helped us in the reconstruction. Alberto, Julito, Bonilla, Rafa and Carlos, Thank you very much.

And it's already working.

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