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Tortugueros of Isla Verde

Leatherback nesting

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Under the direction of Ricardo Lugo, Annie Romeu, Rafa Trujillo, Annette Tolentino, Erizo, Marco Ramos and Paco López, we are the volunteers with the permission of the DNER in Isla Verde.

The leatherbacks that come to nest in Isla Verde from March to June activate us by patrolling the beaches, protecting the nests and ensuring that the hatching process is successful. The Tortugueros of Isla Verde work with volunteers and we thank the policeman Ángel García from the Maritime Unit of the Municipal Police of Carolina for his help in all these processes, the beach cleaning company Mangual Cleaning Services, and the turtle group 7 Ocean Park and Condado keels.

All interventions with these sea turtles are carried out under the direction of the biologist Carlos Diez and within a permit granted by the DNER to certified citizens who voluntarily collaborate.


The nesting activity of Sea Turtles in Isla Verde has decreased enormously due to human impact such as the construction of condominiums, hotels, light and sound pollution. This year, as almost every year, the average is four or five nests. Thanks to the outstanding participation of the Student Chapter of the Marine Environment Society - CESAM to the neighbors of all ages who held vigil. Thanks to the nest of our Tinglar we managed to meet many neighbors and we celebrated the Chat on the Beach. Excited and touched by the magic of the Sea Turtles, we will be activated again this year.

Leatherback nesting and accidents that impact protected species. This year we documented 5 dead Chelonia mydas White Pejes on the shore of the Marine Reserve and all showed tumors very similar to fibropapilloma. In these cases we always call the biologist Carlos Diez - DRNA.

The Hawksbill Eretmochelys imbricata and Peje Blanco Cheloniamydas inhabit the reef. During the months of nesting, the organizations Tingla Verde, Coalición Playas Pa'l Pueblo and Arrecifes Pro Ciudad collaborate with the leatherbacks with the authorization of the DNER. We always appreciate the help offered by the Maritime Unit of the Municipality of Carolina.

We receive this recognition with humility and our commitment to continue working.

We presented the poster “Sea Turtles in the Isla Verde Reef Marine Reserve” at the WIDECAST 2015 convention in Maunabo, “Sea Turtle University”. Celebrated from March 4 to 6. We had the opportunity to learn about the work of turtle masters in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida.

In the 2016 season we had 10 nests and 460 baby turtles that reached the sea. The largest number of nests so far in Isla Verde on beaches that have been lined with cement and lights. We ask ourselves, what would it have been like 80 years ago?