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Oil Recycling

We learned from Mr. Héctor Cepeda from AAA that the main cause of sanitary sewers clogging and overflowing is due to the cooking oil that we throw down the sinks.


In 2016 we began recycling cooking oil in Isla Verde, Carolina.

We thank the residents of Pine Grove for starting this clean water effort on our beaches. We collected 26 gallons in 3 months at the first condo.Oil that was not flushed into the system.


On November 3rd we held a meeting with the EPA, PRASA and the Municipality of Carolina, thus beginning the coordinated effort to keep our sewers clear of clogs. We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Alex Rivera from EPA for coordinating the meeting.


Our goal is to increase condominiums that recycle cooking oil.

In 2019 we were unable to expand this effort in Isla Verde but we continue with the pilot project in Pine Grove and the used oil is being collected.

The Recycling of Used Cooking Oil is an important project, we save millions of dollars that we spend unclogging sanitary sewers and prevent overflows, toilet water from reaching beaches, seagrass beds and reefs.

We are working on oil recycling with Duarte Waste Management, thanking the Pine Grove Condominium for being at the forefront of this effort.

If you want to receive the Pluvial and Sanitary graphic manual that explains the importance of sewage systems and how we can keep them free of obstruction and the easy solution by recycling cooking oil. It is freely authored and you can print it and use it to recycle oil in your community.

Write to us at and you will receive a copy in PDF format completely FREE.

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