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Water Quality

We have learned early on that poor water quality is the Number 1 threat to the Reef. For what we have devoted ourselves to working as a primary effort, to identify its origins.

Therefore, in 2018 we started the water quality monitoring program under the auspices of The Nature Conservancy. Using the YSI ProDSS multisensor we can collect parameters of: temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, PH, turbidity and Salinity.

These parameters are indicators of water quality, they tell us if a body of water is healthy or not. They all interact and have a direct relationship. Conductivities are the ability of positive and negative ions to conduct electricity in water. In other words, we can determine how salty the water is through conductivity. A high number of conductivity can indicate high salinity, the lower the conductivity, the sweeter the water. This measurement allows us to determine if there is rainwater or runoff reaching the Reserve. This runoff water can carry contaminants such as oils and sanitary overflows. The PH tells us how acidic or alkaline the water can be. One of the factors that kills corals is the acidity of the water, a pH with low numbers. This pH should be maintained near 8. The dissolved oxygen is very important since all the species found in the reef need oxygen in the water. A body of water with a low percentage of dissolved oxygen causes mortality in fish and crustaceans. In other words, the higher the dissolved oxygen, the better we are. The turbidity level tells us how “opaque” the water is due to the presence of sediments and dissolved material. The reef needs clear and transparent waters. Therefore, high levels of turbidity. They are one of the great threats to corals. A high level of turbidity tells us that the corals are not getting the sunlight they need.

If monitoring is important, more important is the interpretation that we give to these results so that we can know and understand the element where we move, THE WATER.

These are the monitoring points:


Weekly, every Wednesday, we collect water quality samples.
The results are published on our Facebook page Arrecife Pro Ciudad, Inc.

Before each measurement we carry out the calibrations according to the indications of YSI.

Origin #1 The waters that come out of Boca de Cangrejos


Origin #2 The waters of the sewers


New Laboratory for Water Quality


Thanks to the EPA,Equipment Lending Program, we can now enter the second stage of the Water Quality Program for the Isla Verde Reef Marine Reserve. This novel laboratory on our urban shoreline has been made possible by RJ from Pedro Muñoz, Rachael Leta Graham from the EPA, the Chelonia group and Steve Tamar from the Surfrider Foundation.

THANKS A LOT! Poor water quality is the number one threat plaguing our urban reefs.

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